My Top 5 Things I Love About Facebook

My Top 5 Things I Love About Facebook

Things I Love About Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that makes it easy for users to connect and share with your friends, family, and workmates online. It was created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.

Why should you use Facebook? Use Facebook if:

  • You run a business. Facebook pages and ads are valuable tools
  • Love gaming!
  • You want to stay updated
  • You love visual content

Facebook is a great social media platform. I love using it for different purposes. My reasons for loving Facebook outweighs some of the reasons. I hate using Facebook.

My Top 5 Things I Love About Facebook

Here are the top five reasons why I love Facebook

1. New Friends

As a business person, I have made plenty of new friends through Facebook. This is a good thing for my business and my social life. Am able to advertise my products to potential customers.

Also, I have gotten chances to chat with other business persons who we are in the same field of business. This has led to gaining of useful information to propel my businesses.

Apart from the business partners, I have also made new friends who love outdoor activities which I also do.

We can now be able to chat using Facebook messenger and agree on what time to hang out on weekends and have some good time.

2. Milestones

Milestones is a timeline layout that allows page admins to add milestones, or major events to be highlighted on their pages.

This is useful for a business fan page. You can also use milestone to tell your story to your loyal customers who want to connect with you for a more personal thing.

3. Provides resources

This is another main reason why I love it. It gives me an opportunity to help source out business persons with interesting articles.

There a lot of pages where you can find great information which can better you. Also on those pages look at comments from other people.

This can provide you with an insight of what people want and don’t want.  I can say this confidently, that this is the best place to source out resources totally for free.

4. Facebook groups

Facebook gives you an option to setup groups for your business members or employees. You can set these groups to be:

  • Open to anyone

Anybody can join and contribute to this group with per mission from the admin.

  • Closed groups

This is a group whereby other people who have not joined the group can
see the discussions but have to apply to join.

  • Secret

All posts, likes, and comments remain invisible to non-members and you have to be invited to join.

5. Pinning and Highlights

For up to a period of seven days, It allows you to pin selected stories to the top of your timeline. This is mainly for visitors to see the priority information.

For those who have some stunning photography use the highlight option. This is because it stretches the selected stories across two columns.

You should know that highlights combined with milestones make the selected story in your timeline pop.

My Top 5 Things I Love About Facebook

Facebook is truly a great platform for different activities. You can catch up with what your family or distant cousins are doing. You can also keep in touch with your virtual quilt buddies who visit your page and give you some advice.