10 Best DIY Eco Friendly Pest Control Treatments

10 Best DIY Eco Friendly Pest Control Treatments

Eco Friendly Pest Control Treatments

Have you ever stopped to think about what farmers used to do centuries ago to get rid of pests? I mean it is not like pests have come with technology. Long before we invented hazardous chemical pesticides, farmers as well as householders of yester years had their own way of killing pests. These treatments kept their home garden pest free without harming the health of the environment.

In this article I have compiled a list of some of the all-natural, economic, eco friendly pest treatment methods as recommended by the team at Eco Pest Control Brisbane. They were kind enough to provide me with their secret tips and insights which I am very grateful for.

1. Salt Spray

To begin with let’s start with the most basic, salt spray as its components can be found in most homes. It is made by mixing 2 tbl spoon of Himalayan Crystal Salt with a gallon of water that has been warmed. Used in treating plants that have been infested with pest like spider mites trust a salt spray to do the job.

2. Tobacco Spray

Tobacco is hazardous to pests just as it is to humans. Tobacco spray can be used for killing caterpillars and aphids. Mix a cup of organic tobacco with a gallon of water then allow it to set (preferable overnight). The result should be a mixture that is light brown in color. If the mixture is very dark, add water. The only plant that this mixture cannot be used on is those of solanaceous family such as tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes etc) you can visit the American Chemical Society for more how to make tobacco spray.

3. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil which can also be found in most homes. Mix 15-30 milliliters of oil ( preferable high-grade) with a Littre of cold or warm water then stir. It works by dehydrating insects.

4. Eucalyptus Oil

This eco friendly pesticide is made by sprinkling some drops of eucalyptus oil on areas infested with insects. You will not even notice when they are gone. This organic pesticide does not see eye to eye with flies, bees, as well as wasps.

5. Citrus Oil mixed with Cayenne Pepper

Stir a mixture of ½ a tbl spoon cayenne pepper, citrus essential oil (10 drops) and a cup of warmed water. You then shake well before spraying focusing on affected areas. This natural pesticide works best on ants.

6. Orange Citrus Oil, Castile Soap and Water

For this organic pesticide, you simply mix 3 tbl spoons of soap ( should be liquid Organic and Castile) with an ounce of Orange Citrus Oil to a gallon of water. Stir then shake well. Most effective in treating against pests like slugs, ants and roaches.

7. Chile Pepper mixed with Diatomaceous Earth

For this organic spray all you need to do is grind no more no less than two handfuls of dried chiles and ensure they become a fine powder, then put it in a cup of Diatomaceous earth and mix. Then add two liters of water to the mixture and let it set overnight. Ensure that you shake well prior to applying.

8. Onion mixed with Garlic

This spray is made by mincing one garlic (use organic clove) and an organic onion (medium sized). Add the mixture to water (a quart). Wait for an hour before adding ½ a tbl spoon of liquid soap and ½ a tbl spoon of cayenne pepper to the mixture. Store in refrigerator to retain its potency for up to one week.

9. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flower has pyrethrum a powerful plant chemical. This substance gets rid of insects by invades their nervous system, immobilizing them. To have this spray, boil 100 g of dried flowers in a Littre of water for about twenty minutes then strain and cool. Its potency can last for about two months. You can enhance it by adding a little bit of organic neem oil.

Eco Friendly Pest Management

10. Neem

Last but not least on this is neem the king of natural pesticides. Its oil has a rich history among Indians especially in ancient times who credited the neem plant as a powerful and all-natural means of getting rid of pests. As a matter of fact, its juice (neem juice) is regarded as the most potent natural pesticide to grace our planet, as it holds well over 50 natural pest control chemicals. To understand more on its great benefits visit this link.This leaf that is derived from a tree is extremely bitter and eco friendly pesticidal spray.

Procedure; mix and stir the following in two-three quarts of luke-warm water

  • Half an ounce of organic neem oil (ensure its of high-quality)
  • Half teaspoon of liquid soap (mild organic one is highly recommended)

N/B use immediately.


As you can see, these DIY eco friendly pest control treatments can save not only your money but your health.